Welcome to Water Sculptures

Water Sculptures are the specialists behind many of the major water displays and effects you will have  seen across the UK, and our reputation is such that we also travel internationally to add water to projects around the world. Recent forays abroad have included Japan, Azerbaijan, New Zealand and an old favourite of ours, New York.  Another trip to New York is coming up in September, and we have just had our visas approved (thankfully!) for a visit to Moscow in early September. 

Byll Elliot founded Water Sculptures  in 1972  (although his career with water goes back much further ) and it is very much a family affair, with sons Alasdair and William now playing key roles in the business and daughter Louise trying to keep them all under control!  We love the challenges that water can bring, and with over 40 years of industry knowledge and experience, who better to approach with your next water related project?

We are renowned for our friendly, professional approach to every project and our ability to deliver on time, and within budget. More than just achieving, we regularly exceed customer expectations and therefore get fantastic feedback with many of our clients coming back to us again and again.

So, whether you want rain on a stage set, fountains for a special event or a permanent feature to enhance an urban environment, we are the people who can make it happen. We will tell you if your idea won't work, but will then do our best to come up with an innovative solution. We will always try to help, so feel free to give our friendly team a call!