Jumping Jets of Water

Each pair of these ever popular, fun jets of water create individual ‘slugs' of water which leap through the air with precision into another tank, and are lit by colourful LEDs.

Jumping JetsThey can leap comfortably around 4m across and at the top of the arc are approximately 3m high dependent on conditions and tank distances. When in 'jump' mode they do create a little splash out, as when the jet is cut off and re-energised a small tail at the front of the laminar jet may splash a little.

Alternatively the jets can be set to laminar flow in which the water appears as an 18mm diameter clear perfect arc of water. When in laminar flow You can walk underneath them without getting wet (unless of course someone decides to put their hand through the flow!)

The jets can be DMX controlled to create an eye catching effect for any occasion, although wind conditions do need to be considered when they are used outdoors. Each of these jumping jets sit in an oval water tank, all linked by a 3 inch hose allowing the water level of 300mm to evenly balance. Power supply required is 16 amp single phase.