Linear water projection screen

Water Projection Screens from Water SculpturesThis effect is fantastic for projecting sharp video and images in an unusual way.

Projection is best from behind with low light levels further enhancing the system. The water falls into custom built troughs and is recirculated through the system.

Single length downward discharging linear water screen is affixed to tri-lite / box trussing at ground level then flown up to desired position (from 3m - 15 m high) creating a 35mm density screen of water. We can manufacture to any length.

.Fan screen for use outdoors

This effect creates a 'fan shaped' screen with controlled height up to 8m high and 16m wide at its base. It is invisible when not in use, appearing and vanishing at will. Projected images appear in relief which the eye perceives in 3 dimensions. These screens are back projection medium, suitable for use with video, laser projection, Xenon hardware projection, conventional and intelligent lighting.
Pumps are slung under a modular flotation device and switched from land, so the screen must be no more than 30m away from shore.