Mystical effects are easy to create

Mist and fog effectsMist and fog create a dramatic, eerie and mystical effect. A high pressure system will quickly create a large volume of very fine mist using atomised fresh water fed directly from a tap, then  passed through a filter, UV sterilizer and into the high pressure pump.

The mist will drift through plants and over water and into the auditorium if required, creating a noticeable drop in temperature whilst running. Surfaces where the mist settles over a long period will become damp with a layer of moisture.

 You can also create an amazing fire effect using mist combined with  lighting : projecting from below it creates a stunning (and somewhat safer) effect than using real fire!

The mist control requires single phase power and can be switched via your dimmers, alternatively we can supply DMX switch racks which then only require a DMX signal.